Monday, September 19, 2011

You Are Pure Potential

So I happened to stumble across a sign this weekend that read, "You Are Pure Potential". I couldn't help but stop and ponder a moment about what that meant. Potential being the key word here means: something that can develop or become actual. How many times have we thought to ourselves that we could never attain something? That we could never ACTUALLY DEVELOPE into something amazing. That we're simply stuck. How many times are we so hard on ourselves that we seem to throw in the towel when no one is even asking us to? Are we in competition with ourselves? Why must we put such pressure on our selves? I remember sitting at my piano trying to write a masterpiece, and sure, I'd come up with a few ideas but none that were quite to my liking. So I'd inevitably give up, walk away and not return. I'd become discouraged and feel defeated, and even begin to question my talent and my dreams. These are not feelings I would wish on anybody while writing. Was I losing faith in myself? Absolutely.
So how do we overcome our very self. How can we defeat this beast that's embedded so deeply within us. The answer is actually quite simple. Taking YOURSELF out of the equation. It's funny,...I panic whenever I have to play in front of people or when I need to record in the studio. My head spins, I forget what I'm doing, I forget why I'm there. My hands shake, my heart pounds rapidly, I can feel my blood running through my veins. I'm completely consumed with being overwhelmed and stressed. I was sharing all this with a friend of mine and she gave me such interesting advice that was passed down to her from her father. She said, "Sometimes, we just have to take our self out of the equation and let the music speak for itself. We're just there so that it can be heard." After hearing that I could feel the pressure melt away. I felt relief. Sure, it's a lot easier said then done. I still get nervous when preforming, but it's getting better. I'm learning to be patient with myself for the music's sake. It's helping me believe that I am capable of overcoming what I feel to be the impossible. The music itself is teaching me that I most certainly am pure potential. And whether it's with music or speaking in public or even changing something in your character, there is in fact potential. If you know what you're good at, that "thing" is just waiting to come out of you. All you have to do is take a step back let go of yourself and allow it to shine. Then it will show you the potential you hold in the palm of your hand.

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